Why Become A Member

Why Become a Member?

Prior research has shown that approximately 70 percent of a product’s life-cycle costs are committed in the design phase, particularly during the conceptual design stage. The manufacturing industry faces market pressures of mass customization and rapid delivery. For manufacturers of engineered products and systems, the ability to deliver products to the market in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient manner is vital. Meeting this important goal requires advancements to be made in design technology which are key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. Research efforts of the Center are designed to develop solutions to manufacturing challenges and needs, such as:

  • Working in a new paradigm in design of engineered products
  • Having interoperability among heterogeneous systems
  • Establishing customer-oriented and supplier communication
  • Achieving collaboration among all stakeholders
  • Managing remote and distributed design via Internet
  • Taking products from concept to form
  • Solving direct design constraint imposition
  • Resolving multidisciplinary constraints
  • Establishing scalable, flexible, and efficient design platforms
  • Reconciling virtual product prototyping with physical laws realization